Subaru PLEO 2008

Japanese Imported Subaru PLEO 2008

Subaru PLEO 2008
Engine: 660cc
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 76000 KM

Alloy Wheel, Power Steering, A/C, fully loaded

Price in Karachi after clearance from port: Pak Rs. 7,10,000

Call: 0321-2337276


  1. I like this car. It is very compact and flexible. Its color and design is super and attractive

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  2. I think car is cool but the shape of the body is not so cool.

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  3. My buddies buy Subaru Engines from Engine World in Houston, Texas.

  4. It looks like a 4WD for me. However, when it comes to reliability I never doubt this japanese cars!

  5. great car i the shape is not cool maybe it should need a little bit remodeling so it would be look good

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  6. Nice Post.

    Awesome photo of car

    Thanks for sharing with us.
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